Help your Scholars find their
Dream school!

As a Counselor, you offer guidance and support to a student’s college search journey. Mobile University can be your go-to college search tool to help expose your students to colleges & universities they’ll love!

Mobile University College Search Pro offers

  • 8 ways to search for colleges
  • Over 4,300 schools to search (including 2 & 4-year colleges and universities, trade & career schools)
  • Over 18000 scholarships nationwide


Secondary School Educators

Mobile University® is an educational tool for your college prep workshops, classes, and conversations. Use MUCSP (and the full App Suite) to help your students find the right-fit school!

  • Empower your students to be the driver of their college prep journey!
  • Enrich their college search, share tools that help them connect to schools they love.
  • Teach them about colleges outside of their current knowledge base.

Independent Counselors

Mobile University® is your advertisement tool to expand your network of college seeking scholars. Directly advertise to students with Mobile University® College Search Pro!

  • Promote your services to the Mobile University Community through in-app advertising.
  • Attract new clients with custom ad space.
  • Connect with interested students and boost your business!
  • Use Mobile University® College Search Pro as a tool to empower your clients during their college search process.
  • Expose your students to colleges they’ve never before heard of.
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